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To the attention of foreign students;

      Currently there are 66310 students studying in Ukraine.Every year the interest in Ukrainian educational institutions increase according to demand.Only in the past two years the number of institutions accommodating foreign students has increased from 185 to 228.In 2017,3990 invitations were issued,which is twice the as much as 2015.The majority of students are of Indian origin.The largest institutions are located in Kiev,Odessa,and Dnipropetrovsk in the following departments;construction,engineering,medical,finance,and economics.

         Recently complaints,statements,appeals from foreign students are often received at the International Center for Freedom and Human rights(ICFHR),that they have become victims of swindlers and intermediary companies who have received payments  as service charges for admission to various institutions and have not provided any such service,therefore conflicts arise between the two parties involved.

     After analysing the work of our journalists,human rights activists,and lawyers.ICFHR has come to a conclusion that foreign students face the following difficulty; 


Fake Realtors 

Banking system 


Issuing of invitations 

The cost of educational  services for students.

     In order to support foreign citizens and prevent such acts,ICFHR has established a special department for rendering assistance in such situations.The following members are in charge of this department.

Head of the department  

Anna Vladimirovna Shevchuk  

Employee of the department 

Johnson Chacko

Employee of the department 

Joseph Fredy

Employee of the department 

Victoria Fredy


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